The fifth and final stage is Celebrated
This is when your influence, authority, and identity are embodied and represented in the culture—others seek to immortalize your legacy. If you’re in this stage, you’ve likely decided you want to move on (or out), whether that’s a year from now or ten years down the road.

You might already have someone or a group you’re considering will take over when you’re done. But make no mistake—while this is the final stage of the five, there’s still a ton of work to do.
Your Problem
You haven’t preserved your influence and authority.
Your Focus
You may fumble with “having” success (old patterns are too familiar to let go), but you want to make sure your legacy is immortalized in your absence. You need to set yourself up to maintain and preserve everything you’ve built.

That means you’ll focus on long-term maintenance and the transfer of all aspects of your legacy—including any business, legal, leadership and cultural transfer. The work isn’t done yet, but when it is, you’ll know. How?
Your Win
Your legacy is maintained and immortalized in your absence.
Five Stages of Professional Influence
Discover your level and ascend to the next stage
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