You’ve probably started to get some significant traction...
and you’re feeling pretty great. Many have heard of your value, help, and authority. You’re getting some big wins, but you can’t get beyond a familiar level of accomplishment. You know there’s more, but you’re unsure how to get there. Don’t worry—this is one of the most exciting times in your profession, and this stage can be the one that takes you to heights you never even imagined.
Your Problem
You don't have a long-term strategy beyond the familiar tactics that got you known.
Your Focus
You need to mature your professional influence. You’re shifting your tactical work to strategic work, which means long-term planning will become crucial to your growth, rewards, and gains.

You need to learn how to get recurrent transactions in place and develop teammates who can manage key roles and outcomes.
Your Win
You've planned a long-term strategy and an effective team to enact it.
Five Stages of Professional Influence
Discover your level and ascend to the next stage
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What is Professional Influence?
Ability to create the professional career you desire.
Have work, work for you.
To be as rewarded and influential as you choose.
Have whole-life satisfaction.