You’re Well-Known and in the zone! 
You’ve never been more U. This is a unique stage because so much is established and working. Your influence is expanding, and you’re reaping the rewards. Whether you’re on vacation or not, you have teammates on the same page, and your influence and authority have built a culture where others naturally align. Sometimes it feels like you could just sit back and let it run. But you still want more, and you have a little fear that things could go sideways from unknown obstacles. Now what?
Your Problem
Your environment may dilute your influence, authority, and accomplishments.
Your Focus
In this stage, it’s time to reconnect with your mission and reignite your teammates. Get excited about your long-term aspirations again and get the help to build an environment to do the heavy lifting.

What got you here won’t get you beyond it. An ambitious professional in this stage needs both incremental change and total proactive reinvention.
Your Win
You and your team have built the environment to do the heavy lifting.
Five Stages of Professional Influence
Discover your level and ascend to the next stage
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What is Professional Influence?
Ability to create the professional career you desire.
Have work, work for you.
To be as rewarded and influential as you choose.
Have whole-life satisfaction.