Personality and Transactional Behavior™
Understanding your transactional personality is the first key to achieving your aims—personal and professional.
How does your personality apply to everyday transactions?
Through most of human history, it has been posited that human beings generally fall into one of four basic personality or behavioral types or temperaments. The earliest record of this was written in 400BC by Hippocrates, who noted that the four basic temperaments of human behavior were:
Influential U has gathered and studied over 220 personality models, the majority of which have their basis in a four-quadrant model. 

We offer this personality framework as a foundational orientation to transactional competence; within the groups we occupy, different personalities approach exchanges according to their worldview. Truth is, each personality is has a different job to do, and each role is necessary for the collective group to thrive.

Each role transacts with a currency evoked by their philosophical worldview. These transactional behaviors are directly correlated to exchanges and roles within all transactions.
INVENTORS transact using a currency of innovative new ideas about the future.

PRODUCERS advance deadlines with consistent activity.
PERFORMERS influence relationships with compelling stories.

JUDGES offer evidence that ensures our security.
You are always transacting.
Stay tuned for more information and insights about how Performer personalities can accelerate their influence.
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