Are you just one flight away from a better future?
2022 Mid Year Conference
We have entered a new era. The pandemic has revealed the true promise of the internet—to work when, where and how we want.

The metaphor of climbing the corporate ladder is a relic, replaced with a career that is ours to define.

During our upcoming Mid-Year Conference, Influential U will introduce a new cornerstone concept we call The Stages of Professional Influence.

Professional Influence is our ability to design the rewarding career we desire.

At our Mid-Year Conferences in July we will explore the five stages of professional influence, and identify the key problems that keep us stuck at any stage. We’ll refocus our careers and redefine what winning looks like.

What stage are you in? Is your thinking accurate? How do you validate and modify your approach? We’ll explore all this and more together at the conference.
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