Personality and Transactional Behavior™
Understanding your transactional personality is the first key to achieving your aims—personal and professional.
How does a Producer influence?
A Producer personality is fit to construct the processes and objects which take commitments into action. Once equipped with commitments, they can be observed not only doing the work and taking the actions to satisfy those commitments but also producing the procedures, processes, and objects required for repetitive and consistent action over time.

They first identify and fortify missing processes within the ecology. Then they produce the procedures, objects, structures, and physical environment that maintain consistent compliance over time. They construct procedures that guide specific actions and outcomes. They continue to do this throughout the fabric of the ecology they seek to occupy, build, or maintain.

A Producer might consider building influence by looking for opportunities to produce the following in the environments they seek to influence:
Projects & Steps
Work & Action
They would be wise to enlist Judges to seed the environment with the standards and accounting required to have their processes and structures interpreted into “law”; in other words, seeking a means to enforce the compliance of consistent processes.
Stay tuned for more information and insights about how Producer personalities can accelerate their influence, your influence.
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