You are always transacting.
Do you transact powerfully?
They don’t teach this in business school.
Influential U offers a higher education in transactional competence. Our proprietary curriculum has helped thousands of ambitious business professionals learn how to construct the exchanges that accelerate their influence and results. 

Our practical training helps you face the behaviors, practices, and naiveté preventing you from satisfying your health, career, and financial aims. At our intensive workshop you will learn realistic strategies to break down barriers and take your first steps on a plausible pathway for whole-life satisfaction.

Since 2009, our elite membership programs have spread to 12 countries. Our reach includes webinar viewers and podcast subscribers in over 100 countries.

Join us for a powerful one-day workshop led by Influential U CEO John Patterson. Discover how accelerate your influence, get to yes faster and consistently achieve your aims.
* For all the program participants from 2009 through 2021, the average personal income (during that first six months of participation) was 46.6% more than anticipated. In addition to tracking income increases, participants target and track one health aim (weight loss, fitness activity, etc.) and one money aim (debt reduction, savings, etc.). In the first six months, students met 90.1% of their target for health goals and 103.1% of their target for money goals. 
Influential U teaches professionals how to transact powerfully. Spend fifteen minutes free with a member of our faculty and find out how we transform breakdowns into breakthroughs. Learn more about a proven framework to fast-track results that they don’t teach in business school. We’re here now to help you get to yes faster.