Robert Cialdini identified the 7 Levers of Influence that people use to persuade others: reciprocity, commitment or consistency, consensus or social proof, authority, liking, scarcity, and unity.
These levers have become widely used for persuasion since the book's first publication many decades ago. When it comes to getting people to take action, every exchange is an opportunity to persuade them.
How does Influential U apply these levers?
We have a 13-step model that helps to create powerful offers. By following these steps, you can take your offers from good to great.
After you have accurately thought through your approach using this model, applying the 7 levers of influence at every exchange in any transaction is the key.
27 April 2023
4:00 PM Pacific (US/Canada)
28 April March 2023
11:00 AM (New Zealand)
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John Patterson
Co-Founder and CEO
John Patterson co-founded, facilitates, and manages the curriculum of Influential U. Since 1987, John Patterson has led programs and conferences for tens of thousands globally. His history includes corporate curriculum design focusing on influence, leadership, and high-performance training and development.
Marne Power
Senior Faculty
Marne Power is a Senior Faculty member for Influential U and owns mPower Consulting to help increase productivity without experiencing overwhelm and burnout. She has 25 years of experience training personal, business, and management effectiveness and performance improvement.