A immersive one-day workshop to accelerate your influence
What really makes a team go faster?
Most Agile Coaches struggle with influencing up—getting greater buy-in for authentic Agility. It isn't easy to influence executive buy-in, and more challenging is to get buy-in for the real deal. In the absence of authentic Agility, you get all the pain and none of the gain. What environment does the heavy lifting?
Learn from experienced Agile Coaches,
Scrum Masters, and Executives 
Agile Coaches
Scrum Masters
Don't just survive, thrive.
In this free 90-minute webinar produced by Influential U, a panel of experienced Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, and Executives offer some much-needed answers for those ready to capture the promise of a high-performing agile environment. Made up of Influential U alum and current students, the panel will discuss new skills acquired through our cutting-edge curriculum.
Capture the promise.
Coordinate action; meetings and projects go faster, easier, and smoother
Accelerate initiatives; speed up the time to complete actions, projects, and product or service launches
Produce large-scale buy-in and compliance for enterprise initiatives

John Patterson
Influential U CEO

Mr. Patterson co-founded, facilitates, and manages the curriculum of Influential U. Since 1987, he has led programs and conferences for tens of thousands globally and now certifies and oversees a multi-continent faculty. His history includes corporate curriculum design focusing on business ecosystems, leadership, and high-performance training and development. Influential U offers an internationally delivered curriculum that incorporates e-learning, live conferences, workshops, webinars, and recorded content facilitated by an international assembly of accomplished professionals, faculty, and peers from various countries, industries, and cultures.

César Idrovo
Lab Zero Innovations, Inc.
Head of Business Agility
San Francisco, California

Mr. Idrovo leads the Business Agility practice at Lab Zero Innovations, Inc., which includes Agile Consulting, Coaching, Training and Leadership Development services. His client focus is to help leaders deliver great products, activate unstoppable teams, and transform organizations. His experience includes Vice President and Principal positions at Fortune 100 companies, leading cross-functional agile adoption. Since 2009 he has been an agile consultant at several Fortune 100 companies, even a Fortune 10, as well as at a few startups and in multiple countries and industries.


Dallas Jackson
Scrum Master, Agile Team Coach/Trainer
Auckland, New Zealand

Managing Director of Humaneering. I help companies realize the full human, operational and technological potential of an Agile environment by providing the training and tools for a successful cultural transformation.


Dan Murphy
Product Development, DevOps, and Product Engineering
Boston, Massachusetts

Chief Product Officer at HiMarley. Senior Engineering Director with a history of developing software and building highly effective engineering teams through identifying cohesive talent characteristics, mentoring and continuous improvement, Expertise in system/process design, software architecture and design. Background in Enterprise Data and Business Systems, Engineering and Operations. Experienced in working with C-Level executives, managing cross site teams in US, Europe and Asia, as well as two year assignment overseas in Malaysia.


Marika Meertens
Western Digital Corporation
Firmware Engineering Manager, Scrum Master
Boulder, Colorado

Firmware Engineering Manager at Western Digital. I move groups together as one. I work as a manager at Western Digital leading high-impact initiatives to improve our integration and testing environment so that our firmware meets customer expectations. I love solving feature integration problems because each thread that I tug at leads to opportunities to explore new aspects of the system and meet new people. With a knack for learning complex, interconnected systems and nurturing cross-functional, worldwide relationships (along with the tenacity required to get things done), I am uniquely suited to lead high-impact improvement initiatives from conception to completion. 


Ramona Bryson
Ten to the Sixth
SAFe SPC, LPM, Agilist, and PO/PM
Atlanta, Georgia

I help businesses identify their top strategic initiatives and deliver results. Over the past 2½ decades, I have worked as a Management Consultant with various Fortune 500 companies formulating effective long-term strategies and tactical plans to deliver mission-critical cross functional business initiatives while streamlining systems and processes to improve efficiency and productivity, reduce cost and enhance quality. Specialties: Lean Portfolio Management, Program and Project Management, Business Process Improvement, Strategic Planning, Organizational Productivity & Effectiveness, Vendor Negotiation.


Simon Chesney
Western Digital Corporation
iSPCT - Internal SAFe Program Consultant Trainer
Austin, Texas

I’m known for shaping the consequential environments of which I’m a part in ways that improve business agility. I’m an enabler of value delivery – serving & guiding product development and cross-functional teams, from executives to individual contributors, to help them find better ways to collaborate, learn and accelerate. I’ve facilitated authentic & lasting cultural change within several organizations. – Internal Scaled Agile Program Consultant Trainer and lead Lean-Agile Change Agent for a Fortune 200 Enterprise – I’ve trained well over a thousand engineers, managers and executives in America, Asia and Europe across Product Development, IT, Marketing, Finance, HR & Operations. – Speaker at international conference events – on subjects including authentic transformation, agile career development, people-centered processes and the economics of business agility.